Akabu Junmai Ginjo


Akabu Junmai Ginjo

Iwate sake rice “Gin Ginga” is used. This sake is by Akabu Shuzo from Iwate prefecture.

Aroma: this sake is highly expressive with aromas of ripe lychee, yellow pineapple and rose water. A lively palate with candy floss and tropical orange. Soft with a gentle finish.

Akabu Shuzo was founded in 1897. Young people gathered around the 6th generation under the slogan of [Creating a new history of Akabu Sake Brewery]. Understanding the sake brewing that suits the times, Iwate brews sake with passion, love and guts. The brewery aims for sake that will be passed down to the new era, we are making sake that evolves every day.





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