Aramasa Lapis Lazuli 2019


Aramasa Lapis Lazuli is part of the ‘colors’ series by Aramasa Shuzo brewery in the Akita prefecture and produced with the traditional Kimoto method. It is brewed using Akita’s local brewer’s rice – Miyama Nishiki and fermented in wooden barrels instead of the usual steel tanks, giving it a savoury umami finish.

Aramasa “Lapis” is brewed with Akita rice, Akita water, and Japan’s oldest No. 6 yeast. The quality of sake, which continues to take on new challenges while valuing traditional methods, has a truly modern and fascinating taste. This “Colors” series is a single rice series that expresses the taste of each sake rice.

“Lapis lazuli” means a blue mineral. A word derived from the Latin word “lapis” which means stone and the Arabic word “lazward” which means heaven, sky and blue. In the Colors series, it expresses deep blue and lapis lazuli.

“Miyama Nishiki” from Akita prefecture is used. It has a thick and rich umami and sweetness, and the strong acidity brings the whole together, and the finish is long and beautiful and transparent.

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