Kamakura ‘Hayama’ Craft Beer


Kamakura ‘Hayama’ Craft Beer

Style: Australian pale ale

Hayama is a small town in Kanagawa prefecture. It is rich in nature and known for the beautiful Morito coast.

“Hayama” is where the four seasons change gently.

Blue and green gradation, crystal of wave splash. When the people who gather there look nice, each thought is put into this sake and club. A mellow scent and an unforgettable throat, with memories under the sun.

The refreshing aroma of hops and the bitter taste when you put it in your mouth go perfectly with Hayama beef steak, beef stew, and smoked food. The color is bright golden. The scent of white wine and grapefruit derived from New Zealand hops is gorgeous. A light and beautiful beer.

Japan Great Beer Awards 2021 – Australian style category gold award




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