Kamakura ‘Moon’ Craft Beer


Kamakura ‘Moon’ Craft Beer

Style: Altbier

Kamakura in early summer.

2011 iTQi Superior Taste Award
2010 WBA Alto Type World’s Highest Award

This beer was inspired by the dayflowers that bloom elegant flowers here and there on the roadside.
In the world of haiku, it is a wild flower called “moon grass” because it blooms in the moonlight. I decorated it with my favorite small one-wheel insert and put it on the windowsill at dusk.

The refreshing blue color of the dayflower is the alto type with a refreshing taste. The calm and elegant aroma of top-fermented yeast, the beautiful reddish-brown color, and the neat taste with less bitterness make this beer worthy of the orthodox name.

Tofu dishes, vegetable-based Japanese dishes, dishes using white sauce, etc. To accompany light cheese such as mozzarella and cottage.The colour is a dark orange with yellow hues. It is crisp on the palate with gentle aromatics. Pair this with beancurd and vegetables, or soft cheeses such as mozzarella.

The color is light brown. It features a refreshing taste, a calm and elegant aroma, and a neat taste with less bitterness.






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