Kamakura Obaachan-chi no Ume Sour Ale


Kamakura Obaachan-chi no Ume Sour Ale

サワーエール(Sour Ale)は、酸味が特徴のビールです。




Style: Sour ale

Sour Ale is a beer with a characteristic acidity.

Beer made with wild yeast (Lambic, Belgian) and beer made with lactic acid bacteria are included in this category.
Sometimes fruit is used.

“Kamakura Obaachan-chi no Ume Sour Ale” uses a special yeast that produces lactic acid while undergoing alcoholic fermentation.

The plums used were this year’s plums from the garden of the founder of Kamakura Beer. It is a plum that grows naturally.

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