Kamakura ‘Star’ Craft Beer


Kamakura ‘Star’ Craft Beer

Style: Pale Ale

This represents Kamakura in late spring.

This beer was inspired by the quietly blooming crouching flowers in Yado. Pale purple flowers bloom in the deep green swarm, like the twinkling of stars shining in the night sky.

It seems to hear the tweets of crouchers who like the shade. Like a crouching flower that doesn’t insist, but has a strong presence, pale ale is also a beer that deepens the taste as you drink it. The scent of citrus hops, the pale golden color reminiscent of the evening star, and the mild throat with a slight bitterness are impressive.

From refreshing Japanese dishes such as sashimi to Mediterranean dishes using olive oil and dishes using spicy sauce. It goes well with Camembert cheese.

The colour is a pale yellow gold. It has a delicious aroma of hops with a balanced bitterness. You can pair this with sashimi!


谷戸にひっそりと咲くしゃがの花に、心を奪われました。深い緑の群れに、淡い紫色の花が咲き乱れ、それはまるで夜空に輝く星のまたたきのよう。 花ことばは「私を認めて」。



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