Kaze no Mori Akitsuho 657


Kaze no Mori began in 1998 with Akitsuho rice from the Kaze no Mori mountain pass. This is Yucho Shuzo’s flagship product and an embodiment of their terroir and roots. This super fresh Namazake is brewed all year round and pressed days before shipping. The numbers ‘657’ has its meaning. ’65’ represents the rice polishing rate of 65% (35% of rice is polished away). ‘7’ refers to the yeast number 7 used during the fermentation which brings Kaze no Mori its fragrance.

The Akitsuho rice varietal is ideal for brewing Kaze no Mori. All the akitsuho rice used is grown locally by Yucho Shuzo’s contract farmers. The original and exemplary rice of Kaze no Mori, enjoy the rich volume and full flavoured palette of a freshly-pressed sake.

Banana, pear, apple, lychee, minerals and sweet rice pudding – signifying the freshness of this sake

A lively palate with a good amount of carbon dioxide captured by bottling straight after pressing. Fresh fruits of banana, apricot, melon and pear with a firm hit of umami. One of the most well-crafted modern sake money can buy.

A benchmark sake for Muroka Nama Genshu – unfiltered, unpasteurised, undiluted, Yucho Shuzo is one of the most well respected modern breweries on the sake scene today.

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