Monthly Sake Tasting set (Autumn)


Welcome to our monthly sake tasting series! This month we are having three different seasonal sakes (autumn).

  1. Mutsu Hassen Orange Label Autumn Sake (90ml)
  2. Sagaminada “Akiagari” (90ml)
  3. Minami Autumn sake (90ml)

Mutsu Hassen Orange Label

The orange label was created with the image of autumn colors. 🍁
Hiyaoroshi ( #ひやおろし / Autumn Sake ) enjoys how the new sake squeezed from winter to autumn has changed over the summer.
This orange label was the fruitiness and light taste that makes you feel the freshness like a green apple.

Sagaminada “Akiagari” (90ml)

Autumn Sake, “Akiagari “ with Ankimo ( #あん肝 ).
Akiagari has a rich body, a gentle umami and well balanced taste. It goes well with food that has rich tastes such as ankimo.

Minami Autumn sake (90ml)

Minami (南) Hiyaoroshi was popular last year. It is in stock this year as well. It has a good balance of acidity and umami, and has a light with a clean finish. Perfect for sake during meals. Brewer’s rice (酒米) made from “Dewa San-San”. It is developed in Yamagata Prefecture in 1985 with “Miyama Nishiki”rice as the mother and “Hanabuki” rice as the father.

Read about our sake tasting session here!

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