Sawanohana Junmai Daiginjo


    Sawanohana Junmai Daiginjo (澤の花純米大吟醸)

    Sawanohana refers to the beautiful flower blooming along the clear stream in Saku, Shinshu. The symbol is the Iris flower. Sawanohana sake is brewed by Tomono Shuzo in Sakushi in Nagano prefecture. The principle of the brewery is to ‘bring a smile to the world’.

    Their aim is to produce sake that is simple to understand and to also produce fascinating sake that will impress you. Sawanohana Junmai Daiginjo is made from 100% miyamanishiki rice from the Nagano prefecture. With a rice polishing rate of 40%, this limited distribution sake is deliciously aromatic with a pure, clean flavour.

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