Tsukinowa Mochi Gome Junmai (limited edition label)


Tsukinowa Mochi Gome Junmai (limited edition label)

CNY special – we will be including a sake masu together with this sake!

This sake is refreshing and dry, and makes a good pairing with any food. It can be enjoyed at various temperatures, from cold to hot. Sake made with Mochi Gome is usually sweet, but through repeated trial and error, the brewery has managed to achieve an umami, dry and balanced taste.

This Sake is made with 100% Mochigome (Glutinous Rice). Shiwa Town, where Tsukinowa Sake Brewery is located, is located in the middle of Iwate Prefecture. Shiwa Town has the highest production of glutinous rice in Japan. The Shiwa is a region where glutinous rice “Himenomochi” is actively produced. Glutinous rice has been considered unsuitable for sake brewing, but after repeated trial and error at the brewery, they succeeded with koji brewing with glutinous rice.

Another thing I would like you to pay attention to is this Sake label. This label was designed by Mr. Kenghow who is the owner of Biro Shouten which is a leader in Singapore’s apparel industry. Why did they design the label? Through the apparel business, they continue to convey our commitment to Japanese culture, good quality and design. We always respect them for connecting Singapore and Japanese culture, and they have incorporated the image of the taste of this Sake into their designs.

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